Web Design

Cyber Expert Computer Technology provides different kinds of services including Web Design, Shopping Cart, SEO, Facebook Campaign, Data Analysis, Graphic Design, and Logo Design

We make use of UI and UX knowledge and experience to design charming and high conversion rate website. Eventually, more leads or sale can be achieved.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

With our proven track record, we have been providing good seo service to our clients to improve the performance of the website ranking in Google and Yahoo search engine. Eventually, higher rate of exposure of the website and good branding can be built up and more revenue can thus be achieved. If you do not feel satisfied with your seo performance, call us and we shall put your website up to the higher ranking in the search engine.

Youtube SEO

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world – second only to its parent company, Google. Eight out of 10 video search results are YouTube videos and the platform is continously growing. How do you avoid getting lost in the sea of videos? Youtube SEO is the best way to improve the ranking of the videos in Youtube. So, to enhance the exposure of your video, why not try Youtube SEO strategy? Just call 34234621! We shall help you improve the ranking of your videos in Youtube.

Content Management System(CMS)

We help clients build website with CMS (Content Management System) that makes it easier to update the website content on regular basis and easily maintain it on your side


We develop better e-commerce website for the companies in HK to help them sell products online successfully.


Leveraging Facebook marketing is so popular and prevalent nowadays. We provide effective campaign to our clients. If you have any interest on Facebook marketing, please let me know and we shall provide tailor-made Facebook service to you.

A/B Testing

Data Analysis
A/B testing is becoming more and more important nowadays that it is used to measure the difference of the changes between two different elements of the website or design of campaigns so that you can optimize your website to achieve the best result. The elements include text, banner, graphic, photos or different color or even the landing page. They can be tested and you can find out the best option of the elements. With using A/B Testing, you can save money to revamp the website to optimize your website in order to get better conversion rate. So, please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have the interest of it. (Tel: 34234621)

Other Campaigns and Services

More Services : Youtube, Copywriting, Graphic Design and Logo Design