Globaltech Recycling is one of the domestic and industrial recycling companies in Hong Kong specializing in recycling and selling of paper, plastic,metal and glass recyclable material.



Globaltech Recycling were found in 2014 with a business model of importing, exporting and re-processing different type so recyclable plastic materials to the Far-EastAsian market. Our Head Office is located in Hong Kong and our plastic recycling plantis situated at New Territories Hong Kong. Recyclables that would have otherwise been destined for land fill are sorted and reprocessed ready for manufactured into a variety of value added products. By reprocessing PET, HDPE and PP plastic scraps, it turns the min to high quality resins ready for manufacturing into various products such as PET Strapping/PET Tray/Polyester Fibre/HDPE Irrigation Pipes/HDPE Bar Chair/Wheelie Binsand Garden Furnitures/PP Flower Pot/PP Garden Chair/PP Bucket/Plastic Pellet etc………Paper and card board are sorted for local manufacturers and exported for new card board packaging, new sprint production as well as other form so packing material.Sorted glass are optical sorted and turned into glass cullet and back to new glass bottles and jars, insulation glass Fiber industry and glass and abrasives industry.
We have established a long-term relationship with more than 50 customers across Far-East Asia countries and attained a long term stable supply of waste paper, plastic, metal and glass. Through this genuine business relationships, we can assure to obtain a steady supply and comparative pricing. 

We provide a wide range of waste management service that includes sorting, baling, granulating, shredding, washing, transport and converting waste materials into raw material. Our core products includes high quality sorted and baled paper, sorted and baled plastic, and plastic raw materials. We also established a large, diversified and stable customer base in mainland China, Hong Kong and internationally. We pride ourselves in providing exceptional service to our customers. Whether it is a monthly commercial account or a daily industrial business, you can be assured that we will tailor our collection services to your specific needs. 

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Globaltech Recycling Limited commits to achieve the goal of being a “PROVIDER OF COMPLETE CLOSE LOOP RECYCLING SOLUTIONS” by ensuring every effort is made to find a market and user for plastic, paper, glass and metal recyclable rather than being disposed of as landfill. Our core belief is to MAKE OUR WORLD BE COME MORE GREENER.


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Office : Rm 3501, Hong Kong Plaza, 188 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong
Factory : DD121 Lots 1246SB 1247SB 1248SBRP & 1249RP     Tong Yan San Tsuen, Ping Tong, Yuen Long. NT

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